We offer legal services in the field of infrastructure projects (highways, motorways, railways, terminals, etc.) such as analyses of the master contract and risks arising from the contract, preparation of the sub-contracts with reasonable transfer of obligations from the master contract, exercise of claims and defence against counterclaims. We consider working with international contract forms, such as FIDIC, a matter of course.


We provide legal services within the entire process of public procurement. We are able to prepare an analysis of a particular published tender and consider whether the tender conditions are in accordance with the law. We are able to provide services related to the exercise of an appeal to the public authority, if necessary, as well as preparation of inquiries or answers with respect to a particular tender. For our clients who take part in Slovak public tenders on a regular basis, we also provide registration into the register of the Public Procurement Authority of the Slovak Republic.


In PPP projects, predominately those in infrastructure, we can provide a wide range of services starting in the tendering phase and continuing into the construction phase up until the operational phase. For the companies taking part in a PPP project, we can provide legal services with regard to the specific conditions of the PPP project.


We can register your company in the Register of Public Sector Partners which is mandatory for a wide range of companies whose business is linked to the public sector.

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