Law firm, Advokát VASKÝ s.r.o.

Our law firm, Advokát VASKÝ s.r.o., provides comprehensive legal services to entrepreneurs as well as to private individuals. In providing our services we focus on the clients’ interests and we make the best efforts to achieve the desired result. To protect the rights of our clients we exercise all possible legal instruments. We take advantage of detailed knowledge of the particular case. In providing our legal services we also put the accent on a “fair” approach and transparency in the relationship with our clients. We are proactive and we also come up with solutions from our own initiative. We try to achieve solutions that bring real value to our clients.

At the same time we are adapting our work to recent trends and thus we handle our work in digital form in the maximum possible way. This can also save some time and money for our clients. In our work we use electronic signatures, certified conversion of documents from paper to digital form as well as from digital form to paper.

We provide our services in Slovak (Czech), German and English languages.